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Chemical Reactions

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Sep 24



   4.1 Introduction to Chemical Reactions 

  •  Intro to Chemical Equations and Balancing
    • Complete the note on the top of WB 42  using this video
    • Complete the note on States at the BOTTOM LEFT of WB42 using this video
    • Watch the following videos if you need  to review:
      • balancing basics (video)
      • balancing advanced (video)
  • Review of Gas Tests and Acid Base Indicators
    • watch the following video reviewing acid-base indicators and then complete the TOP of this note using this image
    • use the following video on Gas Tests to complete the table at the bottom of the note (ignore the test for ammonia gas)
  • Homework
    • Balancing Practice - WB 43-44  
    • (answers) (answers for nomenclature only)
      • Section 1 - (Try a few of these to warm up)
      • Section 2 - (WB 43 2 (l) is an optional challenge question)
      • Section 3 - (WB 44 (o) is  challenging question -  don't worry if you can't get it! - here is a video with an explanation of how to do it)
    • Continue working on your Nomenclature MindMap (due Monday)
    • (WB 43 2 (l) is an optional challenge question) (answers)

Sep 27


Nomenclature Study Note Due

Synthesis Reactions

   4.2 Synthesis and Decomposition reactions

  • Nomenclature
    • nomenclature study note due on Google Classroom
  • Synthesis Reactions
    • Watch this video to complete the Synthesis Reactions note on WB 49 (the workbook page in the video looks different but the information is the same)

  • Decomposition Reactions
    • Watch this video to complete the Decomposition Reactions note on WB 50 (the workbook page in the video looks different but the information is the same)

  • Homework
  • Assessment
    • Complete the Balancing Quiz
    • Submit the Nomenclature Mind Map Google Classroom
  • Web Links (these are examples of synthesis & decomposition:

    • the reaction of magnesium oxide with water video

    • the reaction of sulfur with oxygen video

    • decomposition of metal carbonates video

    • decomposition of metal chlorates video

Sep 28


Nomenclature Test

  • Nomenclature
    • complete the Nomenclature Test
  • Single Displacement Reactions
    • Watch this video that goes through the different types of Single Displacement reactions and how to predict if they occur (the workbook page in the video looks different but the information is the same)
  • Complete the following Single Displacement Notes:
  • Watch this video & this powerpoint to help you understand what happens in single displacement reactions 
  • Homework  
  • Assessment
    • Complete the Nomenclature Test
    • Complete the Balancing Quiz (counts towards your grade!)

  • Web Links: (additional videos to watch if you have time):


Sep 29

Single Displacement Reactions Cont'd
Metals Reactivity Lab
 4.4 Single Displacment Reactions


  • Metals Reactivity Lab
    • complete the observations and analysis
  • Homework
  • Assessment
    • Complete the Synthesis-Decomposition Quiz (counts towards your grade!)
    • complete the Metal Reactivity observations and analysis


 Sep 30

Double Displacement Reactions  4.6 Double Displacment Reactions



Oct 1

Combustion Reactions
Reactions Lab Observations
 5.1 Combustion of Hydrocarbons
  • Reactions Lab Observations
    • Reactions Lab Observations on Google Classroom
  • Combustion Reactions


  • Homework
  • Assessment
    • Submit the SD & DD Quiz on Google Classroom  (this counts towards learning skills!)
    • Reactions Lab Observations on Google Classroom 


 Oct 4

Environmenal Impacts of Chemical Reactions
Completing Reactions Assignment
  • Completing Reactions Assignment
    • complete the Reactions Assignment on Google Classroom 
  • Measurements
    • Watch the this video to complete the measurement note on Google Classroom
    • Go to and use the Measurement GIZMO to complete the Measuring Volume Activity on Google Classroom
  • Homework
  • Assessment
    • Completing Reactions Assignment on Google Classroom   
    • Measurement Activity on Google Classroom
    • Measurement Note on Google Classroom


Oct 5

Reactions Concepts Test
Measurements in Chemistry
Conversions in Measurements and Scientific Notation
  • Environmental Impacts of Chemical Reactions
    • complete the reading and questions
  • Scientific Notation
    • Watch this video to review scientific notation and how to calculate with scientific notation on your calculator (Yes you will now know how to use the EE or EXP button on your calculator properly!)
    • If you forgot scientific notation, watch this video where I go through scientific notation in more detail
    • complete these practice questions (answers) to ensure you can complete scientific notation conversions and calculations
  • Conversions
  • Homework
    • Complete the Conversions Note on Google Classroom
  • Assessment
    • Reactions Concepts Test  on Google Classroom


Oct 6

Reactions Lab Analysis
  • Assessment
    • Reactions Lab Analysis on Google Classroom