Energy - Grade 11 University Physics Homework Calendar

Energy: Learning Goals






Nov 9

Intro to Energy


Web Links:
All the Energy in the Universe is Changing!

   OK GO Rube Goldberg Machine

   Human Rube Goldberg Machine


   Nuclear Power Station
   Fossil Fuel Power Station

   Hydroelectric Power Station


  • completed from yestereday:
    • WB. 82 using the following Powerpoint and your textbook p. 236
    • State the Law of Conservation of Energy
    • Define Mechanical Energy
  • check WB 82 Energy Transformation Stations answers with descriptions
  • Check out the Energy Skate Park  Simulation
  • complete Eg notes ONLY WB. 85 (use the following Youtube Video if you need clarification)
  • complete 8-13  WB. 84


Nov 10

Ek and Eg

 5.2 Energy

 5.3 Types of Energy

 Web Links:
How does Work Work?

    Life Size Lego Car!

    Giant Jenga with construction equipment!



Nov 13

Power - Rate of Energy Transfer

 5.5 Power

Web Links:

   Coyote Roadrunner Physics

   Viral Electricity!
   Sole Powered Electronics?

   Artificial Leaf

  • Copy the Power note onto WB 86 (use the video if you need help)
    • complete WB 86 #1-7


Nov 14

Conservation of Energy

 5.3 Conservation of Energy

Web Links:

    Backyard Roller Coaster

   Energy Conservation Animations

   Lego Coaster Physics
   Physics behind the Coaster fun!


Nov 15

Conservation of Energy
Efficiency of Energy Transfer

 5.3 Conservation of Energy
 5.4 Efficiency of Energy Transformations

Web Links:

     Bill Nye Making his House Energy Efficient
     Which bulb is better?
     Better City Lighting?


  • Efficiency Note 
    • read p. 242-243
    • complete Ramp Lab for tomorrow
  • Complete the following conservation of energy problems:

    • WB 92 #1-5, 7-12 worksheet (answers)

    • try TB. 241 #1-3 (the green in #2 is 8m above the reference point!)

Nov 16


Efficiency of Energy Transfer

5.4 Efficiency of Energy Transformations

Web Links:
Pedal Powered Appliances?
     Shifting into a Green Gear at Gonzaga
Waterloo Hybrid Team
  • Efficiency:
    • Efficiency Extra Problems (4-7)  Examples 6 & 7 Review (video)
    • Complete WB 91 (answers)
    • Try TB 243 #1-2; TB 249#1-2;  TB 263 #37-38
    • Review material for Quiz - Conservation / Power / Efficiency

Nov 20


Quiz - Conservation / Power / Efficiency

Thermal Energy

6.1 Warmth and Coldness
6.2 Heat

Web Links:
      Great Heat Transfer Online Lesson

      Energy Transfer Animations
      States of Matter Applet
Gas Properties Applet

      Heat Transfer Rap

  • Thermal Energy (WB 93)
    • complete the following note (WB 92a) using the Thermal Energy Powerpoint
    • complete the Thermal Energy Worksheet  note (WB 92b)
  • Energy Transfer quiz answers

Nov 21


Heat Capacity

6.3 Heat Capacity

Web Links:
      Great Specific Heat Capacity Demo
Applying Water's High Specific Heat Capacity

      Great Specific Heat Online Lesson


  • Heat Capacity (WB 94-95)
    • review section 6.3 of text or the following video to complete the note
    • try a few of TB. 287 #2-5 (try a few easy warm up questions)
  • Heat Capacity and Mixture Problems
    • review today's Intro to Mixtures lesson (note) (video)
    • TB. 287 #7-8 (complete both), TB. 311 #66-67 (try these for extra practice)
  • review the Learning Goals for Tomorrow's In Class Assignment
    • Energy Transformations
    • W, Ek, Eg, P
    • conservation and efficiency
    • ramp lab analysis

Nov 22


Heat Capacity

In Class Assignment
   First Half of Learning Goals

6.3 Heat Capacity

Web Links:
      Great Specific Heat Capacity Demo
Applying Water's High Specific Heat Capacity
  • Complete the following:
    • complete the Heat Capacity Applications worksheet (video)
      (can you explain how a BBQ, COOKWARE, or THERMOS work?)
    • TB. 311# 31, 53, 65, 68,71 (all great application questions!)

Nov 23

Heat Capacity - Practice Lab

6.3 Heat Capacity


Heat Capacity Lab (click here)

  • Complete the Latent Heat Note on WB 96 using 6.4 of your textbook


Nov 24

 Latent Heat

6.4 States of Matter and Changes of State

Web Link:
 Great Latent Heat Online Lesson
Khan Latent Heat Note
      Great Latent Heat Demo

      Energy Transfer Animations
      States of Matter Applet


  • Complete the Latent Heating Curve Note on WB 97 using 6.4 of your textbook
    •  check out the video to help you
  • Complete the following latent heat calculation questions
    • TB. 295 #6-8 (for#8 assume the Al is a liquid at 2700oC)
  • Do you know your Latent Heat concepts?
    • TB. 295 #1, 5 (concepts); TB. 311 #38, 39, 62 (concepts)

Nov 27


Energy Review

  try the following extra questions:
  • Multiple Choice Practice
    • CHP 5 Self Quiz TB. 261 #1-12
    • CHP 6 Self Quiz TB. 309 #2-7,10-1
    • UNIT 3 Self Quiz TB. 362 #1-3, 7-10


Nov 28

Heat Capacity Lab Measurement Day




  • Heat Capacity Lab (click here)

    • Introduction (use your notes)

    • Observation Table (include a good title) for BOTH metals ensure correct significant digits are recorded ensure your units are consistent (careful with mass) ensure you average your data

    • Sample Calculation - include the calculation for the FIRST value in the table

    • Error Analysis: % error/precision/3 step analysis

    • Conclusion

  • try the following extra questions:

  • Multiple Choice Practice
    • CHP 5 Self Quiz TB. 261 #1-12
    • CHP 6 Self Quiz TB. 309 #2-7,10-1
    • UNIT 3 Self Quiz TB. 362 #1-3, 7-10

Nov 29

Energy Review

Heat Capacity Lab Analysis


Quiz - Thermal Energy


  • Prepare for Heat Capacity Lab (click here) Analysis :

    • Lab Analysis: What happened? What if questions....?

    • Thermal Energy Applications: energy transfer/heat capacity and applications / latent heat

  • complete the thermal quiz then check the answers - use a different colour to fix your answers and to make notes for improvement - I will be checking that you did this on Monday. Be Honest - this is all about learning not about getting 100%. Make sure you are a "professional" student that relfects on their learning

Nov 30

Nuclear Physics

7.1-7.2 Nuclear Physics


Web Link:
      Dr. Dave Nuclear Physics Summary

      What is radioactivity?

      Great Radioactive Decay Tutorial

       Nuclear Decay and Fission



Dec 1

Nuclear Physics

Chp 7 Nuclear Physics Review

Web Link:
      Nuclear Power Generation in Ontario

      Fusion in the Sun
      How does the sun get its energy?
     How Fusion Reactors Work
     Using Nuclear Waste to Power Reactors 


  • Nuclear Physics Review: try the following questions from the textbook:

    • TB 353 #2-4,6,9,14-16

    • TB 354 #5, 11-12, 14-17, 19

    • TB 355 #31, 32, 33, 35, 38, 42


Dec 4

Energy Test



You need to complete the following notes for Monday:

Dec 5

Nuclear Physics Quiz

Dec 6

Nuclear Physics In-Class Assignment